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Introduction to Mokkais

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

What is a mokkai?

Don't worry, I googled it too!

The best answer so far is by a reddit user which is: "Mokka is a shortened form of Mokkai and they both mean the same thing. The word 'putting mokkai' or 'mokka poduradhu' means telling a bad joke." It can be loosely translated to dad jokes.

My journey cracking mokkais started in 2011, making pun of everything possible. Fortunately, I had friends', classmates and college seniors who were very much into this. It has since stuck with me and to this day I jump at the opportunity of cracking a mokkai (pun).

Here's a sample:

Why do runners like Iron Man?


Okay, another one...

How do you wake Lady Gaga up?

Poke her face (Poker face)

Try cracking at least 3 mokkais a week and you'll see why it requires you to pay undivided attention to words and situations.

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